Using your Seedbox on private trackers – beginners guide

By | January 31, 2019

If you have noticed, public and private torrenting are two completely different things. The main benefits you are looking for in a Seedbox are privacy and speed which are both offered by the two trackers but on different levels. Private trackers will allow you to download content fast and safe, more than the public trackers.  One of the main benefits of private tracking is safer downloads. There are no viruses when uppers and tracker staff goes over torrents and only selected people will be allowed to upload anything to the tracker. In this server, seeding involves the whole process of uploading torrent parts to other users looking to complete their leeching, while leeching is when you download the content.

When using the server, seeding is an important aspect. You want to maintain a 1:1 perfect ratio, which can be quite difficult to be honest. One of the most popular ways to get such a ratio is to seed continuously and smartly. Do not forget to pay close attention to detail when you are seeding otherwise you will find yourself in a torrent that will compromise your private tracker. You can pick out a good torrent by checking out the number of leechers. Popular torrents usually have more leachers than seeeders. If you come across one with zero leechers it is best to avoid it.  When you have a stable ratio is when you can snag any other torrents.  Maximising your connections like uploading for several hours on end will give you a more stable ratio. You can also obtain that tight ratio by downloading items that are free leech. This means they won’t count towards the download sector, and you will need to seed more to balance that ratio. Of course, the freeleech compatibility will depend on the kind of account you are using and the service provider.

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